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About US

Maries’s House of Hope offers care, guidance, and supervision to children ages 7-21, placed in the public foster care system that are not able to be in a family but need to learn transitional living skills for successful emancipation

An Idea was Born

Marie's House of Hope was established in 2014 by Irvin McDonald. We believe youth need adult support and guidance until they are able to function as independent adults. Through development of life skills and education we provide a safe place for youth to reach their goals. MHOH is fully licensed by the State of Ohio and CARF Accredited

Vision Statement

Provide “Safety, Permanency and Well-Being” for all youth placed in the care of Marie’s House of Hope by offering a comprehensive liberating training curriculum that will include teaching life skills, financial managements, job search techniques, educational activities, college and career planning, and supervised independent living.

Mission Statement

Marie’s House of Hope is devoted to providing youth, ranging form ages 7-21, with the resources that will facilitate them achieving at their full potential through secure and nurturing environments, continuing relationships, high ethical and certified standards